1911 Holster owb and the Options Available 

If you want the best customized 1911 holster owb for your precious 1911 collection, then Kirkpatrick is the best option for you. All the desired changes or modifications can be easily done in this company. To know more about the features of holsters provided by the company, read this article till the end.

What are the features of the 1911 Holster owb?

Let us first look at some of the features of the holsters, especially for 1911. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • There might be different carrying situations for this gun, therefore the company has the option to make this easier. The close-to-carry design, which is most preferred is the best option. With this, you can easily access your gun in a fraction of a second.
  • The lighter color or the colors which can be customized help in giving the camouflage property to the gun.
  • There are people who prefer the shoulder option for the holster, this option is also available in the company.
  • There are a variety of options in the color and the leather material that has to be used.
  • This customizable property helps in keeping the gun safe and thus you can maintain your collection.
  • After seeing the rising popularity, the Kirkpatrick can be accessed on the online mode too.
  • You can scroll and compare the variety of options available by your home, making it even easier.

What is the popularity of 1911?

It has been seen that the gun collection is not complete unless you have 1911 in it. So, by this, you can easily predict the importance of the same. The world war was won due to this amazing 1911. The security and the maintenance of the gun have to be done properly.  Therefore, this company has a major role in it. The 1911 holster which is the most in-demand is just amazing. The company has a variety of length options available. Additional security features can also be added just by a single call. The Kirkpatrick is said to be the best for the pistol as a variety of options in the leather holster can be bought through them. The constant feedback of the buyers is also asked. This will help in making the performance way better every time. They also ask for suggestions in the designs if any new thing has to be launched.


The famous 1911 holster owb and the Kirkpatrick is the best combination. This is also preferred by all gun collection lovers. The modifications which need to be done before buying the correct holster can be done on the phone directly. You do not have to travel for this. The length option for the barrel is just amazing as the different manufacturers have made 1911 with different lengths. So the customized variety of holsters has to be done for proper security. Some people also add additional security things so that they do not have to worry later. The way 1911 has to be kept is also important, many forms of holsters are available in the shop.