Looking to buy a residential flagpole? Here are FOUR tips to help you

Since United States gained its independence in the year 1783, the American flag was designed and has been a symbol of national unity ever since. Americans all over the States show their loyalty to the flag by erecting a flag post on their lawns and business premises to place the flag on. For those interested in erecting a flagpole for their flags, finding the right pole for the task is equally important to the reasons why we honor the American flag. Since choosing a great vendor is the hack to choosing the best flagpoles, use this guide to find the poles you need for the same.

The size and height of the flagpole

The very first task after purchasing your flagpole is deciding the ideal location for it. Once you have a clue of where the flag post will go, you can choose wisely the height and size of the flagpole to purchase. There are some factors that affect the flagpole height which include existing barriers like power lines, tall buildings and obstructive trees. The best flagpole height is the one that remains easily visible despite the flagpole barriers around. You might want to settle for 25 foot tall flag pole if you need something taller for easy visibility.

Materials used to make the post

The internet will offer you many flagpole vendors both in and out of the United States. It is upon you to assess the quality of the materials these flagpoles are made of before making your order. The most common flagpole materials used for construction arefiberglass and aluminum which is mostly preferred for their durability and low maintenance demands. Fiberglass material is ideal because it can avoid having any scratches on it for easy maintenance.

Type of flag pole

Before deciding which flagpole type you need, you ought to understand the type of flag you will be hoisting. For wall mounted flags, you do not have to worry a lot about poles as the ones needed here are readily available. If you erect in-ground flags, you might consider diving into the search of quality and durable flagpole options offered. You should consider the in-ground option for lawns and office fronts whereas the wall mounted ones are best for in house use where their durability is protected.

Halyard vs Telescope

These are the two known techniques of raising and lowering the flag on the pole. Deciding on one method will guide you exactly to the flagpole type to consider. The halyard technique allows you to use your hand for lowering and raising the flag since the pole is just but one whole piece. The telescope types of poles are divided into sections which means that one flag can be removed supposing you just want to change one. You must research to understand how the both of these techniques play to your strength before making up your mind on the correct pole type to consider for your lawn or office front.