Selecting The Best Metal For A Mans Wedding Ring

When it comes to selecting men’s wedding bands, you have lots of choices of designs and precious metals. You will want to consider the metal for the wedding ring carefully and choosing an appropriate metal can help keep it looking in excellent condition for many years to come. Below are some of the options you can choose from to help you decide which precious metal to use in a man’s wedding ring.


One of the most common precious metals for using in wedding rings is gold, and there are also multiple options of gold from which you can choose. Pure gold is a soft metal, and it will not last, so you will want to ensure you choose a gold alloy so that it is less likely to get scratched or damaged. The different types of gold you can choose, include:

  • Yellow Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • White Gold
  • Pink Gold
  • Red gold


If you are looking for a wedding ring for a physically active man who uses his hands a lot, platinum may be the perfect choice for you. Platinum is exceptionally hard-wearing and does not scratch easily, so it is ideal for the active man. However, it is also an expensive metal and will cost more than gold, so you will need to ensure you have the budget available if you want to get a platinum wedding ring for your future husband.


If you like the look of a platinum ring and the properties but cannot afford a platinum ring, you can select a palladium ring instead. Palladium has many similar characteristics to platinum, and it has a white colour to it. However, although palladium is hard-wearing, it can show scratches, and if you need to resize the ring, it can be challenging to do.


Another popular metal to use for wedding rings, which is also significantly cheaper than other metals, is silver. Silver can be strong and durable, but it can show scratches, and it can also oxidise which will change its colour and will require cleaning.

Stainless Steel

If you are not bothered about spending a lot of money on a wedding ring but want something solid and durable, stainless steel is the perfect solution. Over time, it will show signs of wear and tear, but it is a simple process to have the ring polished that should also get rid of any blemishes it has acquired.

These are a few of the available options of metals you can use in a wedding ring, but there are more besides. You can click here to see a more detailed list of metals to help you decide what to choose for your wedding.