Sliming In the Monster World: DIY Slime Monster Projects for all ages

We’ve all “faced our monsters” at one time or another during our lives – figuratively speaking! But with online gaming and 24×7 cartoon television freely available today, kids learn to face monsters at an early age.  So, how cool would it be to work with your kids and build a slime monster together? Not only will it be a fun and exciting project for kids (and their siblings and friends) to undertake; but it can also be a great bonding opportunity for parents and kids too. Best of all, this monster building project doesn’t involve too many steps, and it won’t take all day either!

Fun and Frolic with Fantasy Monsters

If your kids are into popular fantasy video-gaming or cartoon characters, then there’s no way they’ll pass-up a chance to get “hands on” with a slime monster!  They’re figments of imagination and science fiction. Also called Slimes, Ooze, Goo and Blobs, these creatures are great at shapeshifting and at gobbling other creatures in a game setting.

If you feel your child isn’t quite ready to befriend the scary type of monsters yet, then check out your slime manufacturers products list. If they’re a renowned supplier, they’re bound to carry friendlier versions of monsters, like Cookie Monster Ice Cream.  While older kids may thrill with the “scary” monsters, youngsters will love the Cookie Monster – guaranteed!

Accessorizing Your Monster Creations

Order your favorite sliming products and get them cracking by building a 3D monster of their own. Let them use their own imaginations to bring their version of Slimes to life. And as they embark on that exciting journey, you can explain how that slime monster has an ecological role in most video games: They keep the environment clean by eating-up the waste and leftovers as players go on quests, or larger monsters “eliminate” other characters in the fantasy game world.

Remember: There are no rules when you start down the path to monster creation!

Most online sliming retailers have green slime, which is a classic monster skin choice. However, if it’s Halloween time, a popular monster color is orange – it’s the color of the season! Start by pulling, stretching, and spreading the slime in any direction. This is a great activity to build motor skills.

Some kids love an elongated slime monster, while others might wish to go with a 5-legged monster, or a star-shaped creation. So, let them create one that suits their imagination.

A quick trip to your local arts and craft store can also get you plenty of accessories to bring those monsters to life. A crowd favorite is the Googly eyes and Monster Fangs duo. Once they have their basic monster shape in place, just accessorize the form with whatever you like. You can even use water bottle caps, and draw eyes with markers. And to save yourself a trip to the store, why not check your slime manufacturer’s website to see if they have relevant accessories. Some ideas to spruce-up your child’s monster creation include Sprinkles and sparkles.