What are Different Types of Targets Meant for Shooting?

In order to perfect your shooting skills, you need to practice a lot so that you can improve your accuracy. 

Therefore, you will need many different kinds of rifle targets so that you can do more practice. Following are few of the popular targets that are generally used by shooters.

  • Paper targets

Paper is most familiar type of target material, which is most versatile. It can also be excellent medium to track shot groups, and usually the top choice for adjusting your scope and sight or if you have to tally score in competitive shooting match.

  • Steel targets

In present times, steel targets are gaining popularity among regular shooters, as steel targets are usually most durable. With proper care, your steel targets may last for lifetime.

Even for training, steel targets will provide instant feedback when struck that most of you will love.

  • Clay targets

Those who are shotgun shooter must be familiar with clay targets. When you are not shooting any birds then chances are better that you will like to shoot them.

While they are one of the dominant targets in shotgun games, sometimes clays can be found downrange from rifles and pistols as a fun.

  • Polymer targets

Polymer targets are designed to allow your bullet to pass with minimal damage and also typically they have decent lifespan.

However, polymer targets will not last forever. Mostly, polymers are used for ground targets like 3-dimensional targets which rest on ground.

  • Tannerite targets

Tannerite targets are quite helpful for any long-distance shooting. You will surely see the explosion. However, the downside is, they are one time use type of product and also create a mess.

Current laws however allow sale of Tannerite targets in all the 50 states, so it will be best to check from your local authorities, if there are any changes in laws.

  • Plinking targets

These plinking targets are usually comprised of anything from tin-cans to even watermelons. Such targets will offer an affordable way to hone shooting accuracy and skills.

By using cardboard cutouts, you can create larger targets easily as well as any difficult targets by using Q-tips.

  • Silhouette targets

These targets can either be paper or metal that are reactive or nonreactive. Also, they are most useful to develop practical accuracy.

Few metallic silhouette targets can be shaped in miniature form of animal, or cowboy etc. These targets were formerly prominent shooting sport, however now they are out of fashion.