Why Choose a Refillable Vape?

Vaping is a great way to smoke nicotine without having to deal with the burden of purchasing packs of cigarettes or taking the time to roll your own. Another unique benefit of using a vape to smoke is that many of them are refillable. There are liquid concentrates that contain both flavouring and nicotine to create a perfect blend that is enjoyable to smoke. A refillable option is definitely the way to go for the most efficient and convenient experience possible.

What is Juice?

Many people are already familiar with the fact that the liquid inside of a refillable vape is called juice, but few actually know of its ingredients. This juice is made of water, propylene, glycol, vegetable glycerine, nicotine, and food-safe flavouring. When these ingredients are combined, this liquid is essentially what provides the excellent experience you get while smoking your vape. Vape juice is safe to consume because it is made of ingredients that are naturally consumed already, and the flavouring is often naturally sourced which is a plus.

How it Works

When you purchase any vape, it is already going to come filled with e-juice. This is convenient because you likely will not have to think about refilling it for a little while. When the time comes, you simply pour the juice into the vape by unscrewing the nozzle. There is typically a small pod with a designated fill hole that is easy to find. Also, there are instructions provided with the juice and advice given from the shop where you purchase your refill juice.

The Selection Process

If you need help selecting a different flavour or finding the same flavour you already have, any employee at a vape shop will assist you with this process. They can even make recommendations if you are looking for a certain taste or aftertaste to enhance your smoking experience. This is one of the most fun parts of vaping because you will never get bored with the flavour you smoke since you can change it up any time you want.

It is a no-brainer that choosing a refillable vape is the best option if you plan on using it regularly. Since you get to keep the same base, all you need to think about is which flavours you want to have on hand for the next refill. This is a sustainable way to get your nicotine without the stress that often comes when you smoke regular cigarettes